Ashley Lin Pottery

“I do not consider pots finished when they emerge from the kiln, but only when they have been christened with their first mouthful.” – Sandy Brown

Utility is Useless without the User

Utility is Useless without the User is an interactive pottery performance piece. Pottery is not intended to be an idle pedestal piece; it is made to be used and enjoyed. I will have forty 6-ounce vessels that incorporate a bell chamber1[1] on display. Participants choose a cup and I fill their cup with water. After they celebrate the moment, they may take their vessel home or I place the cup in a canvas bag and break the cup.

America consumes bubbled-wrapped products from outsourced and often exploited factory workers, not knowing their faces, hands, and way of life. During my performance, I want people to have the chance to put a face and personality to the vessel in their hand and enjoy a one-of-a-kind product.

2[1] My drinking vessels include a chamber in the foot of the pot that makes a chiming noise when used.