Brita Olsen and Elise Metzger

Filigree Suppers is a monthly pop-up dinner series that pairs imaginative food with American-made design. We host Sunday dinners in rotating locations in Chicago, NYC, and beyond.

We partner with the best designers, craftsmen, and artists to bring you beautiful objects for the table and beyond. Then, using those designs as the inspiration, we team up with talented chefs to bring a new theme to light - one that carries through to the space in which you dine. As a Filigree guest, you will experience the casual intimacy of a dinner party crossed with restaurant quality food in a supremely designed atmosphere.

Shopping online for handcrafted items always makes for unique discoveries, but meeting your new favorite bowl or textile in person will be an exciting and memorable experience. Join us for a special meal of local design, new friends, and delicious food.